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Welcome to the Mary Kay Brantl and  Associates Web Site

We are anxious to share our expertise in helping others  fulfill their dreams. Whether you are interested in renovating your home or updating your office, Mary Kay Brantl and Associates is your answer, our technical expertise, knowledgeable resource center and creative design department are at your disposal. Our motto is, "In solving problems... dollars are never more important than common sense."

 Our Mission Statement: A well thought out Plan, executed through competent Teamwork, is the most effective course of Action.

Even though MKB is not a religious based group, Mary Kay personally believes her religion inspires her to remain a productive innovator, respecting and loving of all people. She continues to admirably demonstrate that living a positive spiritual life, and practicing good business ethics, embellishes MKB and those they serve.

About Mary Kay Brantl

Born and educated in Minnesota then later becoming a Seattle, Washington transplant, Mary Kay raised her children in this idyllic setting, where she also devoted her life to working for the betterment of the less fortunate. Mary Kay shared her successful design business office space, with eager young entrepreneurs, helping them to become independent and knowledgeable. A great deal of  time was devoted to lending her expertise - by advocating in the Washington State Legislature, to create parity for women and minority business owners, allowing disenfranchised people for the first time  to fairly compete on government contracts. Mary Kay who did her managerial internship and apprenticeship in the twilight world of Washington State politics and endless steering committees, knows the intricacies of working with diverse personalities, and willingly gives her insight and tenacity to benefit clients.

 Even though Mary Kay received  two of her numerous  prestigious awards in September  of  2002 ;

Mary Kay remains focused on her goals and future endeavors, appreciating the many honors she received over three decades, but always thanking God that her true rewards are... the successes which occur with her clients, friends and family.

MKB specializes in:
 Making your environment into an Esthetic,
   yet Productive place to live or work

Office and Home Staging

An ergonomically designed office can still be pleasant and relaxing, rooms in a residence can marry eclectic pieces combined with artistic colors, and a business or personal computer can easily be changed from a confusing labyrinth into a helpful and informative utility. Share your dreams with us, help us bring you closer to making your desires into  happy and profitable realities, let us support you by adding successful elements to your present projects.   

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