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The Nakama Association of Washington State: We are a self supporting group, who works specifically with Japanese American and African American youth and seniors, sponsoring programs to encourage youth which also enhance the life of our older members. Nakama also has a women's auxiliary the Women's Assistance Network, designed to mentor young girls and provide for the needs of older women. The BWGA (Black Women's Golfing Association) is one of our proud sponsors who host a biannual six week golfing seminar, followed by a celebrity charity golf tournament and awards ceremony. The proceeds from the tournament go to helping children with pediatric illnesses, enhancing the quality of life for senior citizens, and providing a forum to better facilitate the needs of any youth and seniors.

Tadashi's Gate (TG) is our resource center, that utilizes modern technology and social philosophy, to provide income for Nakama and promote a general consensus, that we as a group can use our resources to enrich the lives of others. TG's Philosophy is based on our foundation's acronym FRIEND :

and minus the R (Respect) equals Fiend, so Nakama wishes be a friend to those in need of support. We invite anyone wanting to be part of the Nakama Spirit, to contact us and learn more of our endeavors, your interest and insight will be greatly appreciated.

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Media Arts Center

Nakama Multi-Media and Media Arts Center, Located in Seattle, Washington with offices in Portland Oregon and Hollywood California-- Nakama has an impressive array of sophisticated equipment; including digital video and SVHS formats, to 35mm film and 64 track digital stereo, experienced professionals working in conjunction with creative novice. The Media Arts Center offers scholarships and internships, encourages students and local residents, to utilize M.A.C.' s resources to document the history and future progress of Nakama's population, and share such information with the the general public.

The Nakama Media Arts Center Annual Arts Festival:
Contestants range in age from eight years to ninety, and the contest includes: graphics, computer animation, printing, poetry, film, video, acoustical as well as digital music.

Nikkei Commemorative Stamp Series Contest:
Twenty one stamps will be chosen to represent the Nikkei Community, of these finalist twelve will be accepted as potential stamps and comparative coins, and submitted to the United States Postal Service for final review and selection. There are no restrictions on designs, Japanese calligraphy and abstract images do apply, and any Moines coming from United States Postal Service for the design submissions goes to the artist. All the artist who submitted artwork will be celebrated in a special awards ceremony, and given the opportunity to display other works of art, and may sell or simply display their pieces.

The Keiro Documentation and Mentioning Project:
Keiro is well under way and serving the needs of our elders, by having younger people document their history, and allowing our active elders to function as mentors and guides Keiro library of video/film audio tapes and photographs, is being established in the media information wing at Nakama, where any interested party can view or check out literature.

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